Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A New Page for My Musical Family

I had planned to do some work this morning on my book project, picking up from where I left off yesterday, writing about the spring of 1925. That’s when G. Oliver’s St. Cloud Municipal Boys’ Band was preparing to make a splash at the International Kiwanis Convention in St. Paul.

I somehow got diverted. Ah, procrastination. But like many of my diversions, it was still related to G. Oliver. I got it in my head that now was a good time to create a separate Facebook page for the My Musical Family blog. So that’s how I spent my writing time this morning. Instead of new paragraphs about 1925, I have a new page.

My hope is that the new MMF page will make it easier for people to follow the blog and also will allow me to do some fun things, like post related picture albums. I’m still trying to figure out details, like how to make sure my blog posts automatically show up on the page, like they do on my personal Facebook page. It’s a little confusing to manage two different pages, but I think in the end it will be a helpful change. It’s good to keep things fresh, even when writing about the career of my 142-year-old great-grandfather!

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