Sunday, March 25, 2012

Origins of a Music Man Tour: Day 2

Today was another beautiful day in Des Moines.  Some highlights:

• Stopped by the Pappajohn Sculpture Park to see it in the daylight

• Enjoyed a yogurt parfait and coffee at the Gateway Market Cafe

• Showed G. Oliver around the Drake University campus

• Enjoyed a latte, a cookie and the free wi-fi at the Smokey Row Coffee House

• Had a wonderful dinner with friends

Now I am hanging out at The 1900 Inn, which seemed like an appropriate place for G. Oliver to stay.  I just finished watching an episode of Henry Louis Gates Jr.’s PBS show, Finding Your Roots, and now I need to get back to work finishing the speech I will give on Tuesday.

G. Oliver enjoys some rest after a day of activity.
We’re off to Mount Pleasant tomorrow!


  1. I keep wondering if G. Oliver rides shotgun with you in your car and if people do double takes when they see him. If he's riding with you I hope you remember to put his seat belt on!

  2. Enjoy the trip to Mount Pleasant -- my hubby was born there, and grew up in nearby Fort Madison, which also has a nice bandstand in a city park. I wonder if G. Oliver played there, too.

  3. Myrna: We do get a few looks when we take photos of him outside, but he stays pretty hidden in the car.

    Mary: Thank you – we did enjoy Mount Pleasant! We didn't make it to Fort Madison on this trip. But now that I know it has a nice bandstand, I may have to check it out sometime.