Monday, January 23, 2012

A Modern Family Vaudeville Show

We are still basking in the glow of yesterday’s big event – an evening spent with talented friends, making music together in celebration of my two-year anniversary of blogging.  Yes, My Musical Family is two years old, and what better way to acknowledge the milestone than with a recital, right in our very own living room!

G. Oliver Riggs makes his appearance, aided by his great-great grandson Elias.
The Boxrud/Bratland and Mibus families were kind enough to take me up on the invitation and participate in the event, which included solos, some group pieces, poetry recitations and a demonstration speech on how to make a clothespin catapult that flings pennies (thanks Ryan!).

Here’s a video of my introduction to the event, followed by the first performer, Elias, on piano.


This Norwegian schottische by Amy, Doug, Synneva and Halvor added some international flair to the evening:

As did the Steve and Sebastian duet, “Back in the USSR.”

When we weren’t performing or listening, we were eating – the menu included two kinds of chili (beef and vegetarian), salad with roasted pears, and soda bread.  For dessert, we had ice cream sundaes and French macarons.

My friend Myrna made the macarons; she’s become quite the macaron maven over the last several months (she also plays the mandolin, which makes me think there’s a children’s book amid all the alliteration).  Here’s a link to one of her recent blog posts, Macarons – A Visual Treat!.  She made a special flavor just for the occasion, black licorice, which she cleverly arranged to look like music notes on a staff.
Myrna’s macarons – mmmmmmm!
We all had such a good time, I hope we can do it again soon.  But not too soon – I need a little time to work up a new piece, and my courage. 

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  1. Oh reading your blog entry and watching the videos makes me smile. Thanks for including us in the first My Musical Family Vaudeville Show. My whole family loved it and is now inspired to be even more musical. Ryan and Rose both started playing the ukulele today!