Friday, July 16, 2010

A Vintage Ad for a Modern Blog

The Vintage Band Festival is approaching quickly, and the printed program for the four-day festival will be available early next week.  I got a chance today to peek at the pdf version and see how my ad turned out.

Yes, I have ventured into the world of advertising my blog.  It seemed like a smart move, given the audience that will be coming for the festival, set for Aug. 5-8 here in Northfield.

 Here's what the cover of the VBF 2010 program looks like, designed and printed by the talented folks at By All Means Graphics.

I told my multi-talented husband, Steve, what I envisioned for my ad, and he cleverly designed it for me.  It's good to know he has career options if this doctor thing doesn't work out.

My ad is on page 25, amid the program schedule.  Seems like great placement.  It will be interesting to see if I get any more readers!

I do plan to blog every day of the festival, and our family is hosting two boys from the Helsinki Wind Band the evenings of Aug. 3 and 4.  The band plays a 1 p.m. concert at Bridge Square on the 5th and then leaves for the airport.

The festival is the same weekend as the opening of the Northfield Arts Guild's production of Romeo and Juliet in Central Park.  Steve and Louisa are both in the cast.  And Louisa, Seb and Elias will all perform shows that week as they wrap up their three-week Young People's Theater Workshop camp, run by the Northfield Arts Guild.

I'm tired already, thinking about how crazy that week will be.  But it will be a good crazy.


  1. My version of the pdf showed a really handsome ad for your blog on page 25!

  2. Thanks, Steve - you're right, it is on page 25. I have made the correction, so there's no confusion about finding your well-designed ad. :)