Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Meet Another Musical Family

Last week, on the ride to the Twins game with a bus full of 8th graders, I put the names of all my blog followers into a hat and had Louisa draw the winner of the blog challenge.  I'm pleased to announce that the Vintage Band Festival pin goes to (imagine drumroll here): Owen Mibus.

Congratulations, Owen!  And thanks to all of you who are reading and following my blog.  I appreciate your support.

Owen is a data warehouse architect for Patterson Dental Inc. in Mendota Heights, Minn.  He and his wife, Myrna, are both private pilots who live in a residential airport near Webster.  Myrna is a freelance writer buddy of mine who blogs about her family's bicycling and flying adventures, among other topics.  They have two children, Rose, who's almost 11, and Ryan, who's almost 8.

Owen Mibus, center, with son Ryan and daughter Rose.

Myrna tells me that Owen played the violin from 4th grade through 9th grade.  He doesn't play much anymore but can still keep up with daughter Rose when she practices.  He also can pick out a few tunes on the piano. 

"Owen loves listening to music, especially classical, but he doesn't get a chance to sit down and listen to music as often as he would like to," Myrna says.  "Perhaps he will at the Vintage Band Festival."

She says that one of Owen's greatest musical "moments" was taking a music appreciation class at the University of Minnesota from Vern Sutton, where he was the top student in his class of about 160 students.

Myrna played the violin from 5th grade through 11th grade.  Now she plays the mandolin and sings and often is seen onstage in a Northfield Arts Guild theatrical production (most recently, in "Chicago").

Owen and Myrna are raising their kids to make and appreciate music, too.  Ryan sings in the church choir and occasionally plays the violin and piano but has not started lessons yet.  Rose plays oboe and violin, sings, and plays chimes in the church's chime choir.  She's had some piano and harp lessons, too.  Myrna says Rose wants to try the bassoon next and has posted a list of "instruments I want to play" on the kitchen bulletin board.  So far, 15 instruments are listed.

I look forward to following the Mibus family's musical adventures in the coming years as the kids get older.  And I hope to see them at one (or more) of the Vintage Band Festival concerts in August!

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  1. It's so fun to be thought of as a musical family! We attended the first Vintage Band Festival and are planning to attend this one, too! We're looking forward to listening to some great music as a family