Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Little Brain Music

I read this news story online yesterday, Mozart Effect, about a study that showed playing Mozart music to premature babies helped them gain weight faster.  The story notes that the researchers didn't try any other music besides Mozart, so it's unclear whether John Philip Sousa or the soundtrack from Glee would have the same effect.

Why Mozart?  The Israeli researchers apparently chose Mozart because of a 1993 study indicating that listening to the repetitive melodies of Mozart's music seemed to temporarily improve college students' performance of spatial-temporal tasks. 

The story also notes that this so-called Mozart effect can be taken too far, as evidenced by the Baby Mozart/Baby Einstein controversy.

The study is published in the journal Pediatrics.

I don't have any background whatsoever in the connections between the brain and music, but I think it's a fascinating topic.  I am a fan of Mozart (especially his Horn concertos), and I am especially fond of listening to classical music when I am writing.  I am sure it feeds my creativity somehow. 

I'm pretty sure it isn't causing me to gain weight faster.  That I can blame on the post-Christmas chocolate that's still in the house.

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  1. Such an interesting study. I do wonder if any calming music would have the same effect?